Wayward Motel’s latest, Weary Hearts, captures the feel of this era while echoing the lines of American grit. The title track, Wasted, and Honeybear all sound great in heavy rotation. Wayward Motel backs up their recordings with raucous live performances.



Wayward Motel is an American, 5-piece rock band from Springfield, IL consisting of award-winning songwriter Josh Catalano, Rory Davis, Matt Natale, Ted Brannon, and Patrick Bruce Miller. Their last album “Hourly Rates” delivers a pristine, sentimental yet universal sound that both confronts ghosts and delves into a span of emotions from longing to heartbreak, sweet love, and the complexities of sepia-tinted nostalgia and loss. Their authentic and personal approach to music and polished harmonies, accompanied by Davis' keyboard, Matt Natale's bass, Patrick Miller's drums and Brannon's guitar, have received a warm reception wherever they travel across the Midwest. This same approach is the heart of their albums. Over 20 years of experience in several different bands and a solo project recognized as Illinois Time's Best Original Band in 2003 and Best Album in 2013 shine through in each new single.


Wayward Motel Sycamore Single
Wayward Motel Hourly Rates